Women’s Health and the May Federal Election

In early February the Australian Women’s Health Network called on political commitment to five key proposals, that if implemented by a national government would mark a new beginning for women’s health at the national level and contribute to the creation of a fair and healthy society.

We have had a very positive and supportive response from the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens. Very disappointingly we have had NO response from the Liberal Party of Australia or the National Party of Australia to our call to commit to the AWHN Women’s Health Charter. (Note: on the 9th April the Liberal National Government launched the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020-2030).

Response details in the table and the full correspondence can be found here
Australian Women”s Health Charter Responses

The Australian Women’s Health Network is making these responses known across our national networks.

We are asking Australia to vote for the candidates that make a commitment to:

  • a new national women’s health policy;
  • the first national women’s sexual and reproductive health policy which puts women’s autonomy of decisions about their bodies front and centre;
  • infrastructure in government necessary to making explicit gender impacts in all federal policy and budgets;
  • funded national conversation with women and making sustainable ongoing funding made available for their priorities across the social determinants of health.


Contact: Marilyn Beaumont, 0419 597 516, marilyn1379@gmail.com

National Board Chairperson, Australian Women’s Health Networkwww.awhn.org.au

AWHN drives better health outcomes for all Australians through sharing analyses, research, policy developments and initiatives. The organisation links the research, work and investment that is already being done and amplifies the benefit for all Australians and the economy.

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