AWHN applauds NSW Government sign on to Our Watch

The Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN) applauds the NSW Government decision to join all other Australian state and territory governments as members of Our Watch.

“We are delighted the NSW Government has finally committed to supporting Our Watch’s critical work as a nationally consistent approach to the prevention of violence against women and their children is crucial if we are to stop it from happening,” AWHN National Board Chairperson Marilyn Beaumont said.

Alongside other advocates and sector workers, AWHN has consistently called on the NSW Government to join Our Watch as a matter of urgency and draw on their extensive knowledge and experience in the development of that state’s prevention plans.

“We welcome comments from Mark Speakman, NSW Attorney General and Minister for the newly created portfolio for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, that he has ‘met with and listened to organisations fighting this epidemic’, and values membership with Our Watch as a valuable investment,” Ms Beaumont said.

“Minister Speakman’s commitment to prevention and his Government contributing to a national, all-of-government approach to stopping the epidemic of violence against women is refreshing and adds significant weight to efforts in driving the change necessary for women to be safe and valued in our society.”


Contact: Marilyn Beaumont OAM, 0419 597 516,

National Board Chairperson, Australian Women’s Health

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