Call to Action – Paid Domestic Violence Leave

We have been working with the ACTU to support their Paid Domestic Violence Leave Case in the Fair Work Commission and we urgently need your help this week for a successful outcome.

For information about the case and what you can do please read Erin’s invitation below.

Thanks in advance for your support in this important matter.

Kelly Banister,

Chief Executive Officer,
Australian Women’s Health Network

Invitation to support the ACTU’s DV Leave Case

The hearing in relation to the ACTU’s claim for ten days paid domestic violence leave commenced last week. We are asking the Fair Work Commission to give all people subjected to family violence access to paid time off work in order to to attend appointments with medical, legal or financial professionals, or to make arrangements to relocate or ensure their children’s protection. Our legal and policy teams here at the ACTU, along with comrades right across our movement, have worked hard for two years to get us to this point. It’s a truly historical case.

As we put this case to the Fair Work Commission, unions will be taking the fight for paid domestic violence leave to COAG. Whether through the courts or the parliament, union members are determined to win this crucial workplace right.

Paid domestic violence leave will literally save lives. It’s also about saying that we will no longer tolerate a bystander society. It’s on all of us to address the crisis of family violence: and that must include employers.

We have now reached the critical stage in the campaign: this is where the battle really begins: in the courtroom, in the COAG meetings, and, perhaps most critically, in the hearts and minds of Australians.

I am writing to ask for your support as we enter this final stage. As a leading organisation and prominent public influencer, your support will make a massive difference. There are three actions that we would like you to consider:

1.   Signing our open letter of support  to be delivered to the Fair Work Commission next week in closing submissions.

2.   Writing your own submission to the Commission. This can be a simple short statement of support.

3    Helping to promote our petition  via social media and/or with your membership.

Please note that the open letter is primarily intended for organisations where as the public petition is aimed at members of the public.

Our case has already received strong support from a range of organisations and individuals including Rosie Batty, the National Retailers Association, the National Foundation of Australian Women, the Australian Human Rights Commission, Australian Women’s Health Network, several state governments and numerous domestic violence experts.

We hope that you will join with us in calling for this important reform.

Kind regards,


Erin McCoy
Industrial Officer

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