Media Release – AWHN faces job losses

Australian Women’s Health Network faces job losses unless Federal Government funding reinstated

  •  Call on all political parties for support for vital work of AWHN
  •  30 year contribution in driving better health outcomes for all Australians at risk

The critical work of the Australian Women’s Health Network is under threat with the organisation warning all jobs will go unless Federal Government funding is reinstated.

For over 30 years Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN) has been driving better health outcomes for Australian men and women and the organisation says without federal government funding there will be job losses.

With the loss of funding at the end of 2015, AWHN CEO Kelly Banister says the organisation has been actively seeking support and further funding.

“There has been significant investment in the Australian health sector recently but the outcomes have not been as effective as they could be and need to be. AWHN identifies the gaps and connects the dots from grassroots to high-end policy to amplify the benefits of a healthy Australia. Without funding, job losses in AWHN will impact the incredible work we do in Australia,” says Kelly Banister.

“According to the World Health Organisation, taking action to improve gender equity in health and address women’s right to health, is one of the best ways to reduce health inequities and ensure the effective use of health resources.”

AWHN has also been seeking endorsement from political party leaders to support the first Australian Women’s Health Charter enabling the organisation to add even more value to the work that is already being done in Australia’s health sector.

Strong and unequivocal political leadership is crucial on women’s health and wellbeing and we call on all politicians to endorse the Women’s Health Charter. A key proposal of the first Australian Women’s Health Charter is for a publicly funded independent women’s health peak organisation to provide ongoing advice on policy, research and new and emerging areas of women’s health.”

“Senator Glenn Lazarus, leader of the Glenn Lazarus Team, is the first to endorse the Charter and we look forward to seeing more political leaders show support during the upcoming election.”

AWHN has a proven success model spanning over 30 years of collaborating with government and non-government organisations to connect and optimise the success of research, work and policy development for all of Australia.

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