Media Release – The Australian Greens announce support for AWHN

The Australian Greens announce their support for the Australian Women’s Health Charter and commit to funding the Australian Women’s Health Network if elected.

The Australian Women’s Health Network welcomes the endorsement of the first Australian Women’s Health Charter and funding commitment by the Australian Greens.

Australian Greens Senator for Queensland and spokesperson for women, Larissa Waters advised that the Greens support:

1. A national women’s health policy.
2. Government funding for an independent women’s health peak body to provide advice and support in developing women’s health policy. This includes funding of $225,000 per year for four years.
3. Establishment of women’s advisory committees and diversity units in all federal government departments.
4. Funding for an ongoing national conversation on women’s health and sustainable ongoing funding of women’s health initiatives. This includes $100,000 towards a conference on women’s health in collaboration with the sector.

The Australian Greens have also committed to a number of other measures focusing on the social determinants of health, to improve inequality, disadvantage, violence and ill-health for women in Australia.

AWHN CEO Kelly Banister said:

“This commitment by the Australian Greens in this election in making women’s health a priority is to be commended.”

“The Australian Greens recognise the importance of the social determinants of health in improving inequality in Australia. This is demonstrated by their constructive and practical policies which will improve the lives of all women.”

“We are now waiting on a response from the Liberal Party, National Party and other cross benchers, asking them to also endorse the Australian Women’s Health Charter and commit to funding the Australian Women’s Health Network.”

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