Media Release – Support from Glenn Lazarus

The Australian Women’s Health Network is delighted to announce the endorsement of the Glenn Lazarus Team for the first Australian Women’s Health Charter.

In a letter to the Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN), Queensland Senator Glen Lazarus wrote:

“I am a strong supporter of women’s health and taking the necessary measures to ensure every Australian has affordable access to a high standard of healthcare.”

“Women’s health is particularly important, as targeted policy can deliver cost savings to the government and, as you rightly point out in your letter, reduce more expensive intervention if manageable issues are diagnosed and treated early. ”

The Senator’s full letter can be viewed here 

In the lead up to the Federal election, the Australian Women’s Health Network is seeking similar support for the Charter from all other political parties. The Network is asking for national commitment, to ensure the health and wellbeing needs of all women in Australia are met.

“It is great to see Senator Lazarus show leadership in endorsing the Australian Women’s Health Charter and committing to action in supporting its proposals if elected,” AWHN CEO Ms Kelly Banister said.

“This is the first response we have received to letters sent to political parties calling on their support.

“We hope other party leaders respond as promptly, to allow voters time to consider each party’s position on improving the health and well-being of women and girls in Australia in advance of the Federal election,” Ms Banister said.

“Women comprise the majority of health consumers, the majority of health service providers, and the majority of carers, yet Australian health care is, more often than not, designed by actively ignoring their unique needs.

“Acting is in the best interest of all women, men and children who are living in Australia.”

There are significant economic benefits if all Australian women had equal access to care and freedom from long term health conditions. For example, it is estimated that the health costs of violence against women and their children in 2021-22 will cost $445 million.

“When you put this alongside the chronic underfunding of women’s health services and Australia’s geographic and demographic complexities the case for action becomes irrefutable,” Ms Banister said.

“Improving the health of women improves all of our lives and contributes to a healthy society, making this a key priority issue in the coming election.”

More information on the first Australian Women’s Health Charter


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