Media Release – Coalition response, disappointing for AWHN

The Coalition has not endorsed the first Australian Women’s Health Charter or committed to any of its four proposals.

The Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN) is disappointed in the Turnbull Coalition Team response to its call for support of the Australian Women’s Health Charter if elected.

The Coalition neither acknowledged the Charter nor addressed any of its specific content.

“Investment in women’s health policies and programs was referred to in the Coalition’s response but these were ad hoc and largely focused on screening and childcare,” AWHN Chief Executive Officer, Kelly Banister said.

“If we are to create a fair and healthy society where Australian women experience optimal health and wellbeing we need a sustained, integrated approach based on the real conditions of people lives.”

“The Coalition’s lack of direct consideration of and support for the Charter is very disappointing,” Ms Banister said.

The full response from the Coalition can be viewed here.

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