AWHN Applauds Labor National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy

The Australian Women’s Health Network applauds the Labor Party announcement today that it will deliver a National Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy if elected.

Labor’s strong leadership in this commitment will make a significant difference to the health and wellbeing of Australian women and their families.

Women’s sexual and reproductive health is recognised worldwide as a priority health issue.

The Australian Women’s Health Network (AWHN) has been advocating for many years for a cohesive national plan so that women have reliable access to comprehensive, safe and affordable sexual and reproductive health services when they need them.

“It is so refreshing to hear these critical women’s issues spoken about clearly and publicly,” AWHN National Board Chair Marilyn Beaumont said.

“It is time the Commonwealth Government stepped up to bring change through federally funded systems, such as Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, GPs and public hospitals, in this important area of women’s health,” she said.

“AWHN is delighted the Labor Party has incorporated a number of recommendations from its Women and Sexual and Reproductive Health Position Paper into their Strategy, such as improved access to long-acting removable contraceptives, the contraceptive pill, medical terminations and termination services in public hospitals, and its commitment to restore funding to the AWHN so we can continue to build on our work.”

“We commend Labor leader Bill Shorten for his commitment to protecting the reproductive choice and health rights of all women across Australia that has been denied to them for too long,” Ms Beaumont said.

Contact: Marilyn Beaumont OAM, 0419 597 516,
National Board Chairperson, Australian Women’s Health Network

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